there is nothing more disheartening than getting a rejection from a thing you want (be it job, show or residency). that disappointment is mitigated somewhat when the rejection says really nice things about you and your work and then invites you to do a presentation on said work in the coming months. it’s even nicer when that invitation is coming from a fancypants university like Harvard.

so i got an friendly email from my friend Kathy King asking me for scheduling particulars as well as the title of my lecture. to which i am stumped. i want to do more than the usual “here is my current work! this is what it’s about! this is what i’m doing next!” thing because i am kind of a bit disinterested in my work right now (i know, HORRIBLE). so i’ve been thinking about doing a lecture about the idea of home and space and the body, and how they all intersect (in only 20 minutes, ha!). i guess it’s been on my mind since our home is in flux once again.

i started packing this morning – almost a month in advance of our moving, a fact of which i am very proud. i started with the books, since i knew i most likely wouldn’t have time or the inclination to read them over the next month. books as objects have changed for me in recent years, mostly because they’ve changed in the world from something ubiquitous to more of a boutique item – which saddens me beyond measure. thanks to the Kindle and all the electronic nonsense, i am afraid in the next few years i am going to be harvesting the beautiful rejects of the digital revolution, much like the way CDs were pushed out of homes across the country 5 or 6 years ago (not ours, however – D is still a CD hoarder). for the first time, books feel very finite in my hands – like there is no longer an endless supply of them. the weight, the space they take up in my home has suddenly become much more significant.

so this is what i’m thinking for the lecture. who knows. more to come.


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