putting it back together.

our moving experience involved a great many things, including a crackpipe on the steps of our new apartment, hauling construction materials all over the city, bad diner food, a chunk of concrete stuck in a Uhaul tire, and approximately 3 hours of sleep on Sunday evening before i had to get up and teach a full day of art camp.

needless to say, next time we are hiring professionals.

but! i now bring you some pictures of my studio in progress. we enclosed about one fourth of the loft with walls, thus giving me approximately 250 square feet of workspace (twice what i had in our last place) and a large window with exposed brick.

my dad refused to wear earplugs while using my chop saw

putting together the wall in what eventually became our bedroom

filling holes and seams – note real door into studio!

i am eternally grateful my Dad was able to help me with this project. while i do have some mad construction skillz and could have built a wall without too much trouble, he knew a lot of tricks that made the wall way better than i could ever do on my own.

interior shots to come once it doesn’t look like a bomb exploded in there.


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