old wood.

October is here. this is my favorite time of year, the fall (i am conveniently going to forget that it will be close to 80 until Saturday, and instead look forward to the high of 58 on Sunday), and we’ve been taking advantage of being outside. we had a firepit in the Milk Depot’s (our building) courtyard last Saturday, which gave us a chance to get to know our new neighbors, which included  recent and long ago transplants from Massachusetts, Austin and Milwaukee. everyone is very easy going and artistically inclined, which means that they don’t necessarily mind me running my chop saw in my studio (which is good thing, given that the sound insulation between the units is pretty crappy).

starting on some new work in the studio this week. before that, my time has been mostly preoccupied with this:

complete with coffee cup.

i rescued this wood from a rowhome demolition on our street last February. i hauled it into our house, whereupon my worst procrastinating instincts took over and i let them sit, under a tarp, on our patio until i had to haul them to our new home in Fishtown. hey, they were seasoning.

i started messing around with them in the last week – removing ancient nails, sanding a bit. my original plan had been to fire up my Dad’s belt sander and have at it, until i realized that there was dirt an inch thick on them and doing that might potentially create some very hazardous dust. i got a rag and bucket of water, started scrubbing and they went from dark brown to a lighter, almost reddish brown. crazy. i guess that’s what a hundred years as a floor joist will do to you.

the plan is to make a bench for our hallway and then a media stand for our ancient TV and our massive DVD collection (no, we still have not gone digital in that regard). should be interesting.


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