PTM, day one.

today was my first day in residence at Please Touch Museum. it ended up being mostly orientating and planning, which was what i thought would happen. i got my badge, which allows me access to the whole building and makes me look kind of official while still not knowing where most things are and getting continually lost in the labyrinths of offices, stairs, hallways and brightly colored exhibits.

still. i cannot get enough of Memorial Hall. it is a breathtaking building. as someone who revels in old historical spaces, this is the creme de la creme of them all (also high on my list in the Divine Lorraine Hotel, which seems as though it is finally going to get its day). i am so glad it is being put to good use, being maintained and loved, instead of allowed to rot like so many do.

so today was: measuring. lots and lots of measuring. i scaled the archway with a tape measure and pencil and used my best awful math skills to calculate scale and size. i am planning to divide the composition within the archway into several pieces, both for practical and aesthetic reasons (mostly because small pieces will be easier for me to work and also i can concentrate more fully on composition if i don’t feel overwhelmed by size). i was at loss for a while on how to divide it as i sketched it out on graph paper (and was reminded that i am in fact a pretty decent draftsman), when it occurred to me: the mortar lines were the logical dividers, and it would make perfect sense to continue those lines across the piece. lightbulb moment!

so the design aspect of that is done. next week i am going to be talking with the staff in the wood shop on how to actually build the display boxes that will fit into the archway (yes, PTM has a bomb ass woodshop with all sorts of toys, including table saws, chop saws, a walk in spray booth as well as a laser cutter – heaven).

i’m also making my first foray into video editing. i’m in the midst of putting the finishing touches on a kickstarter campaign that will fund this piece. it was highly recommended by my friend Amy that i do a video to accompany it, so i walked around the museum taking a bit of footage here and there. the Flip that i borrowed from my friend Kate takes good quality video. i’m excited.

i’ll be in to work a bit more this Sunday, then another full day on Tuesday. stay tuned for an update each day i’m there.


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