painting tiny bathtubs.

i caught the baby plague over the weekend, and so unlike my usual “run myself into the ground and the wonder why i stay sick for so long” routine, i tried to do a short day at PTM today. i still think i overdid it.

so, spray painting today. PTM has a walk in spraybooth next to their superb wood shop, so i was in heaven. between the spraybooth and my respirator, all my brain cells remained happily intact throughout the day.

first on my agenda for painting was all the wooden toys – and there were tons, mostly dollhouse furniture, some of it new, most of it well used from PTM’s own exhibits. the little chairs, tables and beds were slightly grimy and obviously well-loved. i am so interested in objects that have so much use on them. i find something really aesthetically beautiful about the patina of scratches and dirt ground into the toys (though i did up wearing latex gloves, no need to catch baby plague, part deux).

for some reason, i ended up with about half a dozen tiny bathtubs to paint. while i was doing this, i had “Rubber Ducky, You’re the One” on a loop in my head for hours.

best spray paint in the world.


walk in spray booth.


first round – tiny furniture.


i ended up keeping this sweet little wooden boat.


aforementioned tiny bathtubs: before and after




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