moving forward, if slowly.

whew, it’s been a busy month in the studio.

things were touch and go with my Kickstarter, but with less than 24 hours and $250 to go (as of 10 pm), it appears it’s going to fund and i will be able to move forward more quickly once all the semester’s teaching winds down for me.

i’ve only been at Please Touch Museum about one day a week in the past month, but trying to make the most of it. i’m in the really tedious part of the piece (the part usually handed off to assistant underlings if i were fancy like that) – spraying hundreds of pieces of wood and plastic, in some cases extremely small and intricate pieces of wood and plastic, arranging them carefully in trays and transporting them from the basement spray booth (conveniently located next to the dumpster for the whole museum) up to the education offices on the mezzanine level where i’m storing everything. it’s a boring but somewhat satisfying stage. i’m trying to power through it.

i’m fortunate that i have the services of the exhibition staff at my disposal, including Tom, who is a master cabinet maker. i showed him the plans i had drawn up for the arch, and he looked at it quickly, asked a few pointed questions, and pronounced that it could be finished in a few hours. for this i am extremely grateful, because i am a crappy woodworker at best. if i had had to build the boxes for the arch myself, they would have been average in quality and taken me forever.

still on track to finish mid-January, if all goes well.


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