my kickstarter funded! as promised, here are the names of the lovely people who contributed. to them i give my everlasting gratitude. they are all wonderful, and i feel blessed that i know and i am related to many of them.

it does indeed take a village (in this case, to make a piece of art) and you are all my village. THANK YOU.

Brenda O’Rourke, Bryan Sperry, Darcy Horn, Drea Carroll, Katie Groppi, Jackie Scolnick, John Mahoney, Steve Edenbo, Kathy, Jennifer Rhodes-Kropf, David Mann, Jessica Gorlin Liddell, Michael Zerbe, Rhonda Fazio, Marina Doktor, Gelena and Semyon Doktor, Chris Gingras, Kate Plows, Susan and Gary Rusen, Daryl McCracken, I love Fukushima, John Bragazzi, Sean C. Adams Tom Jesikiewicz, Tina Nelson, First Last, John Rusen, Chris Slape, Lauren Rusen Edelman, Danielle Lourie, Ryan Kaplan, Atsirk, Karen Sacks and MLAC’s Slab to Fab class, Kelly Wargo, Stacie Brennan, Aleksander Bohnak, Beth Winegarner, Corey McGeehan, Arlynn Nobel, David Doktor, Regina Melchiorre, Patti Fox Miller, Alexis Dow Campbell, Nico and Christine, Thomas Scurto-Davis, Erin Putnam, Anittah Patrick, Jeremy Gercke, Christine Love, Mike Stitchter, Lauren DeSerres Kelischek, Leslee Vandernick, David Kobayashi, Jim Jesikiewicz, Amy Uthus, Joanne Taylor Brown, Gail M. Brown and Aimee Harmon.


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