new year, (slightly) new direction.

December was a pretty turbulent and busy month for me, so i apologize for not keeping up with everything here.

the piece at PTM is still on track, but had to get pushed back a bit for various reasons, so it will be completed for February 9th to coordinate with an event at the museum. the good news is i’ll be mostly working on it in my own studio from now on, instead of at the museum. i’m readying my space here, including putting up some new drywall so the work can hang while i work on it. also still trying to figure out what to do with the aforementioned salvaged wood from the demolished rowhome. it’s taking up a lot of space right now.

the last few weeks at work have been quiet. no one’s there except the staff, and it’s allowed me to get some large projects done around the studio, including a new drybox, new bisqueware shelves and a retrofitted ware cart that’s going to make my life of unloading kilns much, much easier.

the beginning of the new year has caused me to reflect on just how lucky i am – i am not only working entirely in my field, i’m making a comfortable living at it (which, as artists will tell you, in rarer than hen’s teeth). i have a wonderful kitty that entered my life in 2012 and a wonderful partner who continues to challenge me, make me laugh and love me despite my considerable flaws. to that i say cheers.


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