installation day.

so it is done.

the lead up to finishing this piece felt a lot like graduate school, except i was working full time while trying to do it. also, i could go out and buy materials and not worry that i wasn’t going to eat for the next week. also, i got a weird but brief GI bug that laid me up for a crucial 12 hours right at the end. which then lead to two near-all nighters in a row, so i was Doing All The Things While Crying.

the installation at the museum today of course took longer than i anticipated – there were all sorts of wrenches thrown into the process, but we prevailed and it is now up. and it looks, well, kind of amazing.

thanks to Harvey and Jose who helped me and Ananda hang the pieces.


the small ones went to the museum on Wednesday.


the big ones waiting to go to the museum early this morning.


starting to install in the program room.


the entire finished piece is approximately 12 by 8 feet.


the boxes are set into the deep window sills and are wedged by shims.


Harvey and Jose pose for the camera








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