whither writer?


the tagline (well, i like to think of it as a tagline) on my name site is that i am a sculptor and writer. the latter, in the last few years, has been not so much. i was fatigued from spending three years in grad school writing my ass off (an alarmingly large amount of writing when you consider that my MFA is in visual art; then again, i did voluntarily inflict most of that writing on myself). every now and then i take down my thesis from the shelf (70 pages; i was required to write 10) and stare at the glittering prose in there, frozen perfectly as if in ice, and i think: this is probably the best writing i will ever do. period.

one happy result of my facebook diet is that my writing just exploded out of nowhere in the last few days. more evidence that i was probably pouring my resources into the wrong place. damn you, Zuckerberg.


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