how things are.

the world's fair, 1964.

Cub Scouts at The World’s Fair, 1964. my Uncle Al, third from right.

i get the best kind of sad when i look at old family photos.

i spent some time doing this last night. i was looking (unsuccessfully, it turns out) for a picture of my two great uncles and grandfather. Stanley, Chester and Albert. those remain some of my favorite names; ones i will inflict on my children should they ever happen.

as i look at these photos, the thing i’m most struck by is the unfairness of time. we all start out so fresh, and then aging just happens. everything dims, spines stoop, hair grays. i can’t remember how handsome my grandfather was except in photos. this is why it’s so damn sad.

then there are photos like the above, which are hilarious beyond words. so there’s that.


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